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My creativity comes from my mother. She could sew, arrange flowers, paint, and sing. I wanted to be just like her!

I attended the University of Georgia and achieved a Bachelors of Science HE. My first successful venture was "one-of-a-kind" miniature Christmas trees. I shipped them nationwide until my business expanded into a dollhouse shop called "The Treehouse." In addition to the miniature Christmas trees and my shop, I arranged flowers for parties and weddings for 20 years. 

Eventually, painting became my new passion. I studied with Karen Appleton and she was one of the most passionate artists I have ever met! Three years later, Karen moved to Chicago. I cried all the way home after my last class with her.


I now had a passion in my heart I never knew I had and began studying everything I could get my hands on. Seeing life through the eyes of an artist is really seeing! I began to see things in this world I had never seen before. 

I studied with Marc Chatov for two years and today I am studying with Jim Richards. I paint everyday and continue to learn and grow as a painter. 

"I think whatever you're passionate about

you can do forever!"

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